USA realises it has lost Syria and all of the Middle East

US investigators uncovered a global financial network headed by one of high-ranking representatives of the Islamic State terrorist organisation (banned in Russia). According to the Wall Street Journal, which refers to a written statement from the FBI, terrorists used fake transactions on eBay to send money to their accomplice in the United States. The recipient of the money was Mohamed El Shinavi, an American citizen, whom the FBI arrested a year ago on suspicions of his involvement in ISIL’s financial network. El Shinavi received a total of about 9,000 dollars from ISIL accomplices, including five PayPal payments from Sujana Company.

Pravda.Ru asked military expert, former head of Israeli special service Nativ, Yakov Kedmi, to comment on the situation.

“In the United States, a global network to finance activities of the Islamic State terrorist organisation through eBay was disclosed. Such an operation can be regarded as progress in the process for the  US to abjure its strategy in Syria. Or does it look like efforts to hide traces of cooperation between US officials and terrorists?”

“No, the Americans have decided to break off all relations with ISIL. Certain representatives in the CIA had tried to manipulate terrorist organisation in the past, but the USA has ended it on state and political levels. A for the arrested American citizen, the FBI was supposed to arrest him long before it happened. The US administration has decided to retreat from the Middle East and from Syria – the Americans have realised that they have lost all that. There is no one left in the region, whom they could rely on.”

“Why do you believe the Americans have decided to leave after so many efforts?”

“Because they have started taking targeted actions. The Americans have stopped supporting the anti-Assad opposition. They withdraw their troops from all territories, they still keep them in the Kurdistan region, temporarily. In general, the USA has been stepping back from any actions in Syria, save for the armed struggle against ISIL.”

“Do systems like eBay require stronger control?”

“Naturally, all financial flows in the world need to be controlled in terms of their use for terrorist purposes, criminal operations, drug trafficking and so on. This is a very dangerous and effective field for terrorists. Special services have all necessary tools for the purpose.”

Interviewed by Tatiana Traktina



Up to 5,000 jihadists expected to come to Europe in near future

Up to 3,000 jihadists are expected to come to Europe in the coming years, experts from RAN analytical center said.

In their opinion, the militants, who had left European countries to fight on the side of terrorists, are coming back to their homes now. The number of terrorists coming to Europe may increase dramatically should the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in Russia) declare its defeat.

The experts also said that a third of Europeans, who had left for the war, have already returned home. Most of them remain under police surveillance, but others managed to escape from the sight of the authorities. Most of those terrorists have suffered psychic traumas as they have either taken part in brutal hostilities or eyewitnessed violence, RAN researchers say.

More than 42,000 foreign soldiers from more than 120 countries joined the ranks of jihadists from 2011 to 2016. About 5,000 people left European countries to struggle “in the name of Islam.”



Russia to Create New MiG-41based on MiG-31



Speed of the new Russian fighter-interceptor MiG -41, developed on the basis of the MiG-31, exceed Mach 4, said test pilot Anatoly Kvochur.

MIG-41_Foxglove“This upgrade was to take place just 20 years ago. However, this did not happen, so now demands increased. It includes the increasing speed of interceptor to Mach 4-4.3,” said Kvochur.

He commented on the State Duma deputy Alexander Tarnaev message that Russia develops a new fighter, the MiG -41 on the basis of heavy fighter – interceptor MiG-31, the speed of which was 2.8 Mach.

For comparison: the strategic supersonic reconnaissance USAF Lockheed SR- 71 can reach speed of Mach 3.2.

Tarnaev said at a meeting of aerospace defense experts that the Chief of Staff signed an order of deep modernization of Soviet fighter- interceptor MiG-31.

Fighter-interceptor MiG-31 was developed in the USSR in the first half of the 1970s. The aircraft is capable of speed…

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China to Launch World First Quantum Communication Satellite in July

Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

Pan Jianwei, world best quantum communication expert Pan Jianwei, world best quantum communication expert

China’s official military forum says in its report today that according to Xinhua, China will launch world first quantum satellite to realize quantum communications between satellite and ground.

There will be 4 quantum communication ground stations and one quantum stealth transmission laboratory in space to conduct highly encrypted communications that cannot be hacked.

If used for military communications, it will enable Chinese military to have communication superiority if others are using conventional internet communications vulnerable to hacking.

Source: “China will launch its first quantum satellite in July, the first such satellite in the world” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

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