Small-Batch Production of J-20 May Begin in 2016: Chinese Expert

Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

Recently emerged new J-20 prototype no. 2016 Recently emerged new J-20 prototype no. 2016

The October issue of Canada’s Kanwa Defence Review says that it is possible for trial small-batch production of J-20 stealth fighters to begin in 2016 judging by the progress in the construction of the infrastructure in its manufacturer. The annual output may be 14-18 fighters not lower than that of J-10 fighters.

A Chinese military expert not willing to disclose his name told Global Times reporter on September 29 that by 2016, test flights of J-20 prototypes will have been carried out for more than 5 years; therefore, in theory small-batch production for trial use in Chinese air force is possible judging by the duration of test flights. However, if that is the case, the period of test flights for J-20 will be the shortest compared with other stealth fighter jets in the world.

However, the expert points out that as J-20 still…

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