China’s New Defense: Diversion, Induced Explosion of Precision Weapons

Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

China's Defense Engineering Expert Major General Qin Youquan China’s Defense Engineering Expert Major General Qin Youquan

PLA Daily published a report on China’s active defense by diversion and induced explosion of enemy precision warheads and bombs before they hit their targets.

The information is provided by Major General Qin Youquan, an expert on informationalized defense engineering of the Third Engineer Scientific Research Institute of PLA General Staff Department.

The report provides no information about China’s advanced integrated defense technology to neutralize enemy precision-guided weapons but makes known what China is developing in its active defense.

It says that in modern informationized war, the key technology for territorial defense is entirely unconventional and has already begun to develop anti-satellite weapons, high-end anti-missile weapons, aerospace aircrafts and space war flying vehicles. In such key technology, emphasis is placed on the diversion and induced explosion technology for super low and short-range defense that neutralizes precision-guided weapons with resourceful measures of hiding…

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