U.S. Air War with China on Paper v. in Reality

Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

RAND's chart Maximum wings required in theater RAND’s chart: Maximum wings required in theater

China’s mil.huanqiu.com publishes a report about U.S. National Interest’s article on California think tank RAND’s new briefing paper on U.S. air war with China when China attacks Taiwan. It provides quite detailed summary translation of the article and then gives the comments that RAND’s prediction that 30 wings of U.S. warplanes can defeat outright Chinese air force is but war on paper. Even if the U.S is able to send so many warplanes into the battles, there will be serious shortage of logistic, maintenance and other supporting services.

RAND says 7 wings i.e. 525 warplanes of U.S. air force can shoot down half of Chinese attacking fighter jets in a week, but the report says that as all U.S. military bases on the first and second island chains will be destroyed by the rain of missiles from Chinese military, where are those U.S…

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