A little surprise: Syrian NDF will use T-90S against insurgents

Strategika 51

Exclusive Strategika 51

According to our sources from Syria, The National Defense Force, a well-equipped paramilitary force fighting alongside the Syrian Army against Nato backed ISIL and Enosra Front will have the opportunity to use the T-90 S main battle tank in combat in Syria.

The Syrian Armour units are still using T-55’s, T-62’s and T-72 S’ MBT while new T-80’s tanks dispatched by Russia are known to be used since December 2014 by the third Syrian Army Brigade in Southern Damascus within the Capital Defence Force.

Initially, Moscow has stationed its first T-90’s at the Syrian Forward Operation Base in Latakia. But many reports NDF are starting to receive first batches of new tanks. In one occasion, one Russian cargo aircraft was hit by rockets launched by rebels and many T-90’s were damaged by the blasts.

Who will operate the T-90’s on the battlefield?

Open sources media outlets are…

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