China’s J-20 Heavy Stealth Fighter Is Made for Air Supremacy

Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

Mass-produced J-20 no. 2017 Mass-produced J-20 no. 2017

Daily Beast’s article “China Assembles Its Stealth Jet Fleet” on January 4 believes that China has begun mass production of its J-20 heavy stealth fighter jets, but wonders whether J-20 is a ground-attack plane like the F-117, a high- and fast-flying dogfighter like the F-22 or a multi-role attack plane and dogfighter like the F-35. It says that Beijing has never explained exactly what the J-20 is for.

In fact, quite a few articles in Chinese media regard J-20 as a dogfighter to grab air supremacy from US F-22, especially in describing the drills of H-6Ks’ attack when the sky is dominated by China’s J-20s. That is why J-20 is made so large and heavy to have great fire power.

In fact, the vital part of China’s active defense of its homeland is to prevent the attack of cruise missiles from US attack nuclear submarines as…

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