US Be Aware: China Is Able to Develop Best Weapons Independently

Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements

Pan Jianwei, world best quantum communication expeert Pan Jianwei, world best quantum communication expert

US media The Diplomat published on March 8 Robert Farley’s article “Without Foreign Military Tech, Where Would China’s Military Be?” claiming that “The overwhelming majority of Chinese technology depends on systems acquired from foreign producers.”

Certainly, due to its backwardness for a long time, China has to draw in advanced technology from abroad. In the past China was not only backward but also poor; therefore, even if advanced technology and weapons are available, it cannot afford the imports.

Now, China is rich and can import world best weapons and technology but just as Mr. Farley points out “Sanctions and export controls prevent China from accessing that market in the same way as South Korea, Japan, India, or any European country.” As a result, he believes that China has to resort to espionage.

He certainly underestimates Chinese scientists and engineers’ talents.

True, the US…

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