Russia to Create New MiG-41based on MiG-31



Speed of the new Russian fighter-interceptor MiG -41, developed on the basis of the MiG-31, exceed Mach 4, said test pilot Anatoly Kvochur.

MIG-41_Foxglove“This upgrade was to take place just 20 years ago. However, this did not happen, so now demands increased. It includes the increasing speed of interceptor to Mach 4-4.3,” said Kvochur.

He commented on the State Duma deputy Alexander Tarnaev message that Russia develops a new fighter, the MiG -41 on the basis of heavy fighter – interceptor MiG-31, the speed of which was 2.8 Mach.

For comparison: the strategic supersonic reconnaissance USAF Lockheed SR- 71 can reach speed of Mach 3.2.

Tarnaev said at a meeting of aerospace defense experts that the Chief of Staff signed an order of deep modernization of Soviet fighter- interceptor MiG-31.

Fighter-interceptor MiG-31 was developed in the USSR in the first half of the 1970s. The aircraft is capable of speed…

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